• Cambridge Day Surgery

    First Class Medical Facilities

  • Cambridge Day Surgery

    First Class Medical Facilities

Rights & Responsibilities

 Participating in your care as a patient involves the following rights and responsibilities;



Information collected by Cambridge Day Surgery may be used in the following circumstances;



Cambridge Day Surgery is committed to provide excellence of care and values feedback from patients. This ensures that any areas for improvement are promptly addressed and any feedback, positive or negative is directed to the appropriate staff member.

If you have any concerns on the day of your procedure the staff are very willing to listen and assist you. Alternatively, any comments or complaints can be directed to the Chief Executive Officer or Director of Nursing 
E mail via our Contact Page or Phone: 08 61819966

Cambridge Day Surgery surveys patients annually by mail. If you have been randomly selected to complete a survey a reply paid envelope will be provided for your convenience.

If you wish to confer with an external provider please contact Office of Health Review WA – Phone 08 93230600.


About Us

The team at Cambridge Day Surgery are involved in volunteer work that takes some of the Nurses to Tanzania and Philippines where they assist Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. The procedures include cleft lip and palate, burns contractures and severe scarring. Ages of the patients range from 6 months to 60 years. The staff at Cambridge Day Surgery have regular fund raising events. Most recently a “Pink Day” to raise funds for breast cancer awareness and a “Bright scrubs day” to raise funds for Operation Rainbow.

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