• Cambridge Day Surgery

    First Class Medical Facilities

  • Cambridge Day Surgery

    First Class Medical Facilities

Patients & Visitors

The facility is designed to ensure a smooth journey for the patient from pre-admission to post discharge. Administration and nursing pre-admission is done within 48 hours of admission. In many cases the patient will speak to and meet the same person. This gives the patient a feeling of comfort and they are reassured they will be treated and respected as an individual during their stay.

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As Cambridge Day Surgery is a 23-hour facility, the majority of patients will be leaving a few hours after their procedure. As such we ask that where possible patients attend on their own to ensure we can limit overcrowding in the waiting room. Some patients may require a carer in attendance and this will be discussed at the pre-admission call for patients undergoing a procedure requiring a general anaesthetic or IV sedation. Patients undergoing a local anaesthetic procedure and who require a carer in attendance please call the day surgery prior to the day of the procedure to confirm so that we are aware.

At Cambridge Day Surgery we have 6 overnight beds for patients requiring an overnight stay. There are two beds to a room with each room having a shared ensuite. Patients booked for an overnight stay will be discharged early the following morning. With the short stay nature of these procedures and to assist with the privacy and comfort of all our patients we encourage overnight patients not to have visitors and to communicate with their loved ones via phone or messaging.

If a patient has a need to have some time with a close family member or carer, a short visit after surgery may be arranged with prior approval from the Director of Nursing or CEO. We request that this visit is limited to 1 person and less than 30 minutes, if there is another patient in the shared room your visit may be cut short.

Flower allergies are very common and can affect patients and hospital staff, Cambridge Day Surgery politely ask you not to bring your loved one flowers.

Covid-19 Current Guidelines

  • If you have had Covid-19 within 28 days of your admission date please contact Cambridge Day Surgery and your surgeon to confirm going forward with your admission.
  • If you are a close contact please contact Cambridge Day Surgery
  • Hand hygiene to be undertaken on entry and as required.
  • If symptomatic or unwell please do not attend the surgery
  • Visitors will continue to be restricted during this time.


  • Streets around the Cambridge day Surgery have restricted parking. Please read the signs completely to avoid a parking fine. Some parking bays are available at the rear of Cambridge Day Surgery.

Prior To Admission

  • We request you forward information, clinical details and consent forms.
  • Cambridge Day Surgery will verify all details with you, the patient.
  • Pre-admission telephone interview to discuss your questions and specific needs.
  • An interpreter service can be arranged. Please inform Cambridge Day Surgery should you require an interpreter.

  • If your procedure is being performed under general anaesthetic or intravenous sedation you must ensure you have arranged transport home and a responsible person to care for you for 24 hours following your procedure.

  • Private Health Funds differ in the types of cover for hospital stay. It is advisable that you contact your Private Health Fund prior to admission to ensure you are covered for your procedure.

  • Patients who are self funded will be contacted by the administration staff prior to admission to discuss fees payable on the day of admission.

 Day Of Admission

  • You are asked to arrive at time allocated with all relevant paperwork – CHECK LIST
  • You will be escorted into Day Surgery in order of procedure.
  • Nurse will escort you through to prepare for procedure.
  • The nurse will place identity bands and record your vital signs.
  • If you haven’t yet seen the Anaesthetist he/she will see you before you are taken to theatre.
  • Please do not bring in large sums of cash and leave valuables at home.

After Your Procedure

  • Following your procedure you are taken to recovery for monitoring.
  • Length of stay following your procedure varies between 1-4 hours.
  • Local anaesthetic patients are able to go home immediately after the procedure however, your Surgeon may request you stay for a short time afterwards. If so, you will be taken to the discharge lounge and offered light refreshments.

  • Your relative or escort will be contacted to pick you up.
  • Upon discharge the Nurse will explain the post-operative instructions to you and your escort.
  • Your follow-up appointment is always at your surgeon’s rooms.


About Us

The team at Cambridge Day Surgery are involved in volunteer work that takes some of the Nurses to Tanzania and Philippines where they assist Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeons. The procedures include cleft lip and palate, burns contractures and severe scarring. Ages of the patients range from 6 months to 60 years. The staff at Cambridge Day Surgery have regular fund raising events. Most recently a “Pink Day” to raise funds for breast cancer awareness and a “Bright scrubs day” to raise funds for Operation Rainbow.

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